Resilience Training

Why Does Resilience At Work Matter?

Resilience is so much more than just being able to cope with the stressors of life. Resilience in a workplace setting is about ensuring improved performance in the future. Used in this way, resilience becomes a strategic tool to improve overall business performance. It’s time resilience stepped out of being a health and wellness term to being recognised as a systematic approach to performance.

Resilience at Work (R@W) is an internationally recognised and accredited framework that does exactly that. It breaks down what resilience looks like and how it can be fostered on an individual, team and leadership level. The framework takes a systemic approach to integrating practical strategies into the workplace. R@W can bring life and awareness back into an organisation by identifying key areas that can be leveraged to improve individual experiences at work as well as overall performance.


The R@W Toolkit is a complimentary suite of measures that recognises the inter-relatedness of employee leader and team behaviour at work.

The measures can be used independently or together, dependent on circumstances.

R@W Individual: A measure based on the Sustain 7 Model that assesses individual employee resilience.

R@W Team: A measure that assesses the group practices that promote team resilience. This builds on the R@W Individual and can be used when there is an opportunity to work with the whole team.

R@W Leader: A measure that assesses the leader behaviours that support and foster resilience in employees and teams. This can be used as a stand-alone measure in coaching and leadership development or together with the other scales. 

R@W Individual

The R@W Individual (aka Sustain 7) measures seven components that interrelate and contribute to individual resilience – Authenticity, Purpose, Adaptability, Self-Care, Support, Energy and Networks.

Neuroscience shows that increased resources availability supports improved management of both challenging situations and everyday demands.

Through individual or group coaching Mentally Wellthy can help your people to build and leverage their resources to improve resilience.

R@W Team

The R@W Team is the aspect of the Toolkit that measures team resilience. It complements and builds on the R@W Individual by assessing the behaviours that create resilience in groups of people who work together. A resilient team is more than the sum of the resilience of its individual members.

R@W Team integrates elements well established as components of high performing teams such as common purpose, with emerging factors like agility that are becoming more critical.

R@W Leader

The R@W Leader can be used to assess the degree to which managers or team leaders engage in behavours that support resilience on individual and team levels. The scale includes a self-assessment and a 180 degree assessment completed by their team. The R@W Leader scale can be applied in any occupation and at any level of an organisation from junior management to board level. 

Through R@W Leader, Mentally Wellthy can help you to understand the extent to which your leaders are able to support resilience in their people and teams.