About Mentally Wellthy

How We Can Help You Help Others

Mentally Wellthy partners with organisations to improve employee wellbeing, safety and performance.

It’s time to address the elephant in the room – mental health problems are real and they will impact every organisation to some extent.

65% of people with a common mental illness don’t seek treatment but help seeking increases with encouragement from those around them. The right support can fast track an employee’s return to thriving and strong performance at work.

Our clients value their staff. They recognise that strong performance is critical but that it cannot come at the expense of wellbeing. We help them to achieve both. We work with businesses large and small.

Working with Mentally Wellthy will help you to develop a culture where your people can show up at work as their best selves and contribute to your business. You will be equipping your team to thrive at work and to help their colleagues to thrive.

Our Solutions

Mental Health Awareness Training

Brief, excellent value, foundational course delivered via video-conference. Suits all employees.

Mental Health First Aid Training

Two day or blended online courses for deep dive and accreditation as a Mental Health First Aider.

Mental Health Awareness and Resilience

Includes content in mental health awareness training and introduction to workplace resilience. Brief, excellent value course delivered via video-conference.

Mental Health Awareness for Leaders

Half day session to skill leaders to build a culture of positive mental health and their skills to support others. Delivered virtually or in person.

Resilience @ Work Assessments and Workshops

Individual, team and leaders assessments and workshops of varying lengths depending on your need.

Keynote Talks

Inspirational talks about mental health, resilience and/or success delivered by founder, Donna Thistlethwaite, who shares her journey from suicidal crisis to thriving. Participants receive six life-changing resilience practices that can be applied individually or in the workplace.


Donna Thistlethwaite

Donna Thistlethwaite is passionate about creating mentally healthy workplaces because she personally understands the impact of untreated mental health problems on an individual and on the workplace.

In 2012, Donna was a competent and well-regarded human resources professional with a loving family and many friends. No-one could have predicted the mental health crisis that she experienced in response to a workplace challenge. Unfortunately, she didn’t reach out for help and those around her were not prepared or equipped for the possibility that she had become suicidal.

Donna’s quest to help people to THRIVE so that they can lesson the likelihood of experiencing a mental health problem drove her to start speaking about her experience and to ultimately establish Mentally Wellthy.

Donna is an accredited Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Resilience at Work Facilitator and holds a number of tertiary qualifications including a Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management).